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HOT BALL MONDAYS IN AUGUST - Starting Monday August 1st at the 1215pm session 5 HOTBALLS will be drawn each with a prize of $1000. We will draw 5 NEW HOTBALLS every Monday in August.

JACKPOT BALLS - On Tuesday July 26th at the 7:00pm session WIN $25,000 playing Jackpot Balls!!!! Call hall for details.

$5000 PULL TAB - Every 7pm session starting Monday August 1st play balls for a 1 out of 5 chance to win a $5000 Pull Tab Jackpot. Call hall for more info.

$1 A STRIP - ALL Sessions (excluding Friday and Saturday 7:00pm) will be $1 a strip to dab with gecko packages at $45 for a single or LOADED for $60!!!

SUNDAY'S IN JULY - The 12:15pm, 3:30pm, and 7:00pm session will feature the 10 x $1,000 program at $1/Strip. Also the RAPID BONUS will be guaranteed $2,500 at all sessions.

$5000 Rapid Bonus Special - Every Saturday, play the intermission rapids with a Rapid Bonus prize of $5000 at all sessions.

Free 10:00am Bingo! - Every Friday at 10:00am. Join us for a free session of Bingo! Everyone in attendance will receive Free Gecko Cards and one Free 4/strip book to dab! WE NOW PLAY RAPIDS WITH THE RAPID BONUS AVAILABLE TO BE WON!!! Rapids NOT FREE. For further details call the hall.


10 x $1000 Program - 10 x $1000 program played every Wednesday 7:00pm and Friday - Saturday 10:15pm. Packages $45 or $60

$24,000 PROGRAM - Saturday 7:00pm session features a $24,000 prize board. Packages $65 or $80

$19,000 Program - The Friday 7:00pm session features a $19,000 prize board. Packages are $50 or $65.

CONTACT US! - 905-884-7795-Office or 905-884-8066-Hot Line for information on promotions, sessions, or hours of operation.

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